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Assistive Technology

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“We should think of accessibility as a hacker’s space for dreaming up the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow.” 

– Why Accessibility Is the Future of Tech – John Brownlee

Ask our AI Program named Atari questions to assist you with participation in life. You'll be amazed !

Below is a picture showing examples of questions from a user and answers generated by Atari. The more details you can provide about your needs the better the response. Please note ATARI is still in Beta mode. Cross check any answers before following this advice.

A snapshot picture of a sample question and answer exchange between a user and ATARI. There are 3 examples. The first example is as follows: ATARI: Hi! How can I help you? User: I can stand 10 minutes maximum at home before having to sit down due to low back pain. What are some strategies or devices to help me complete household chores?