The Need for Assistive Technology Promotion. A legal right.

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was ratified by the Government of Canada in 2010. The CRPD clearly outlines the responsibility of countries to engage in (1) research / development and (2) promotion of Assistive Technology access and use by Canadians.  By signing the CRPD, Canada has agreed “To undertake or promote research and development of, and to promote the availability and use of new technologies, including information and communications technologies, mobility aids, devices and assistive technologies, suitable for persons with disabilities, giving priority to technologies at an affordable cost;” See Article 4 Section F (General Obligations) of CRPD for more information

The Need for Accessible Information in the Assistive Technology industry. A legal requirement.

Article 4 section H of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities specifies State parties “To provide accessible information to persons with disabilities about mobility aids, devices and assistive technologies, including new technologies, as well as other forms of assistance, support services and facilities”

Our Mission

To connect the knowledge network of Assistive Technology in Canada and present this knowledge in an accessible format to Canadians.

This knowledge network will exist within the built, virtual, and learning environments and presented into more personal meanings of Live, Work, Learn, and Play

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